The Golden Age of Indonesian Culinary.

Grounded on top of a culturally rich soil in the village of Ubud, Bali, Manisan offers you a fine dine experience overlooking a 350 years old Javanese Joglo and lush productive rice fields that have been restored to its former glory, the Golden Age of Indonesia.

Hence with combining the location close to nature and rich cultural presence in Ubud to reminisce the days of old in the current era with a modern touch.

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Golden Age of Taste

Our menu embraces the authentic flavors of Indonesia. As an archipelago, there exist a plethora of ingredients ready to be produced into a menu that you will cherish. Prepared and by following time-tested recipes to bring classic traditional food back into your modern lives. Each dish of our culinary delight celebrates the spirit and diversity of the Golden Age of Indonesia.

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Golden Age of Ambience

The mood complements the dining experience.

Combining age old Javanese elements with modern sophistication and located in the middle of an active rice field, the stage is set for the ultimate Indonesian dining experience. The pathway in which it leads to ends with a 350 years old Javanese Joglo that complements any wedding celebrations or private events. The atmosphere at Manisan is traditionally modern.

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